Masonry Repair Services


The crown is the masonry surface seen at the top of the chimney. Its main job is to shed the water away from flue and keep that water from entering the system of your chimney. Missing pieces, cracks or other serious damage at the mortar crown will generally lead to an extensive water damage at the chimney. The mortar damage can be repaired with the help of traditional masonry product or any specialized waterproofing product.

Regardless of what product we are going to apply and use, Chimney Sweep Clean will fully service you for any repair or replacement needs you require in Maryland and Washington DC area.

Effective and Lasting Repair Service

During the time of inspection, we are going to have a closer look at your crown and evaluate the condition and construction. If we have discovered that your crown is only in need of mild repair, we will use our specialized equipment to repair and restore your crown once again. For any small cracks, we can fill it in with the help of our used products. Our specialized products and materials used will provide a strong and long lasting waterproof barrier that can help prevent the cracks from growing.

Reliable and Result-Oriented Replacement Service

When we find out that your crown is in serious damage after we conduct a safety inspection, we will instantly inform you to opt for a replacement process. At the time of your approval, we are going to build a team who are specialized to the job well. This will help you acquire the best team in Maryland and Washington DC area, and ensure you with best result.


Allow us to gain back the natural beauty of your masonry surface in Maryland and Washington DC area. Most hard-fired and high quality brick and high-strengthen mortars nowadays, including Boral, Hanson Brands, and Acme will withstand with the weather and time test quite well without any type o treatment at all.

However, after all types of necessary repairs and cleaning are completed, you may want to consider the application of water repellant or other types of treatment if you happen to experience one or more of the these following conditions or problems:

  • Soft and deteriorating mortar joints and hairline cracks
  • Below grade masonry
  • Water infiltration in the masonry
  • Potential recurring of graffiti issues
  • Soft and porous brick like Mexican antiques or adobe, including a used Old Chicago
  • Recurring water-born stains, including mildew and algae, or mineral deposits

These issues will allow your masonry to look awful and will affect its full potential over time if not addressed instantly to a professional service. Therefore, we suggest you to call for an expert service from an expert team. We take pride to be the answer for this demand.

Our Time-Effective and Cost-Effective Services

We will instantly do the just as what you request. Though we do it fast, you are ensured with quality service – we guarantee that. This will allow you to gain back the natural function and beauty of your masonry again. Furthermore, you will find it as a reasonably priced service. It feels like you are paying less for a high quality effort.


Your safety is what we are after. Therefore, we provide a flashing repair and waterproofing service to offer a quality and secured protection at the times when you badly need it in Maryland and Washington DC area.

Our Flashing Repair

Flashing plays a significant role at the system of your chimney. In addition, it can potentially add beautiful parts at your home looks. It was installed around your chimney that meets the roofline, which is usually out of the lead, sheet metal or copper. If it is damaged due to weather or animal tear, for an instance, the leaks will form, leading a damage to your chimney, interior walls, ceilings and roofs.

We will never allow this to happen to you that is why we are here to help protect your property same as we protect you. For your flashing service needs, consider to call us today.

Our Waterproofing Service

Today, you have various ways to help protect your masonry chimney. However, other protection options are known to be not available at some of your historic and beautiful homes construction. Over time, waters will take tool on even at the best-building chimney, wearing out a mortar joint and causing the bricks to deteriorate and spall. The option to add waterproofing sealant can protect your masonry chimney from encroaching water, and will potentially increase its life.

This protection option may not be available at your built chimney that is why we place ourselves as the one who can provide you with such protection, guaranteeing a quality service that only Chimney Sweep Clean can provide.


Firebox is the area that surrounds flame and it is made with firebricks and high-heat plaster, which is called as refractory mortar. However, not all fireboxes are built with an accurate firebrick and heat resistant plaster, resulting to low quality and cannot supply the demand for long lasting service.

  • Cause of Firebox Damage We Give Solution

Whenever you notice that your firebox is not functioning well, (company name) is just here to help right after you make a call with us. We are offering quality service in Maryland and Washington DC area for your deteriorating firebox because it may experience the following reasons:

  • Poor Construction

If you firebox is not constructed well, the possibility for it to get cracked and damaged over time is possibly due to the extreme temperature or heat. The risk is that gases, sparks, flames and smokes may come out in small holes at the mortar. Never allow this to happen, we will take action to stop the damages and risks to take place.

  • Natural Disaster

If your home survived from any natural disasters happened, chances are there might be a damage to your firebox. Our certified team will inspect and make recommendations that are suited to the situation.

  • Water Infiltration

If there is no cover mounted at the top of your chimney, rain may come in and settle behind dampers and washes the fireclay mortar out. Our expertise will meet your needs with this matter.
For any of your firebox issues, we are going to recommend a solution whether the damage is serious or not. With our firebox repair and rebuild service, you are guaranteed with an option suitable for your needs.


Many homeowners are not aware that when converting to a cleaner-burning fuel alternative, such as natural gas, chimney structures and existing ventilation require an effective checking and new line installation to help ensure a safe exhausting or operation.

Depending on the size of the flue that your current chimney has, a specific and custom sized stainless steel liner may be installed at your chimney.

Where to Find This Converting Service?

Chimney Sweep Clean is offering a competitive price and quality service for your oil to gas conversion service in Maryland and Washington DC area needs. In addition, we are also offering a lifetime warranty on the service of your choice, and with that, we know that we are your best choice because we excellently do our service well for any of your chimney needs.

If you are living in Maryland and Washington DC area and looking for a stellar company that execute excellent service for oil to gas conversion, schedule an appointment with us. We are just a call away from you. Avail our professional dampers, caps, wood burners and chimney converting services today. You can also check out some of our available chimney and masonry services for any additional service you need.

Our Goal for You

At Chimney Sweep Clean, our goal for you is to cater a full range and wide arrays of available services for your chimney converting service needs. Whatever type of situation, whatever needs, wherever in the local, we will perform the highest standard of service with the help of our state certified and highly trained members.

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