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Together with the yearly inspection, regular cleaning of chimney is among the most significant things that you can do to protect your home and family from chimney fires. A warm crackling fire is the perfect centrepiece to a family gathering or even just a silent evening with your loved ones. All furnaces and fireplaces have its own exhaust system called flue, ensuring that all the products of combustion are vented safely out of your home. However, through time, the creosote and soot is able to build up inside the flue system of your chimney. These materials are significantly enriched fuel that is similar to coke or charcoal.

Our experience to chimney cleaning has shown us that under the normal burning conditions, it will take about a cord of wood to be burned in a fireplace to be able to produce enough of the creosote build up and warrant cleaning. It is just a rule of thumb and under particularly burning conditions that the necessity for sweeping may be done sooner. When you are in doubt, you may call for one of our professional inspectors.

We assure that you will receive only the most qualified service available, and this is because our chimney, wood-stove, and fireplace cleaning service is performed by trained and professional technicians. They have updated knowledge for serving your home efficiently and appropriately. Our equipment is particularly designed for the kind of chimney that you have, no matter if it is a furnace flue, a big masonry fireplace, or a metal factory built chimney system. Call us to learn more.



If you have been doing several research with regards to chimney flue systems, or you have had inspection of chimney by a certified technician, there is a good chance that you have heard about flue cleaning and relining. Ensuring that your flue is appropriately sized for a water heater or a furnace is important so that you can ensure that harmful flue is gassing from the furnaces, with the water heaters being appropriately vented from your home. Energy efficiency and technology advancement have made a perfect storm for venting water heaters and gas furnaces improperly, because homes are becoming tighter and tighter to air exchange to the outside air for keeping the warm air in and the cold air out, and thus, homes are developing negative air pressure with relation to the outside.

At Chimney Sweep Clean, we have 2 ways of chimney relining. If they are in great enough condition, they can be eligible for flue repair. With this, we will recoat your old flue liner and bring it back to its new fresh condition and up to the standard, saving you money because you will be able to avoid the process of eliminating your old liner. When liners have been damaged beyond repair, we can also replace it with stainless steel liners, which provide flexibility to you. Talk to our professionals for further information regarding your liners.


Having a high quality chimney cap is among the best things that you will be able to do for the long-term life of your chimney. They have great versatility that we recommend for every chimney flue to be covered with a copper or stainless steel chimney cap. Together with the regular cap, top mounted damper caps have been an outstanding replacement or upgrade to the damper system of your chimney.

Chimney caps are keeping debris and animals out of the chimney. Racoons, squirrels, and little birds called chimney swifts will be nesting happily in chimneys if they are allowed to. All these animals, together with their droppings carry diseases that do harm to pets and humans, and their nests will be able to prevent furnaces and fireplaces from drawing in a proper way, and they will be forcing carbon monoxide and smoke back into the house. In the neighborhoods with trees, there are organic debris that can block a chimney flue that has no protection easily. Through time, water and rain will do thousands of dollars of damage to the masonry work. For the reason that physical structures are porous, they are going to absorb rainwater on their surface. A cap will make sure that rain would roll away against the waterproof crown and from the opening of flue, in which it will not absorb or collect into the chimney structure.

Chimney Sweep Clean is installing only the highest quality chimney dampers and caps, all of which carrying a lifetime product warranty, and guaranteeing all the work. It means that if you purchase a chimney cap from us, anything that may potentially go wrong with it will be covered. Give us a call and we will come by to take care of it all.


The chimney inspection and evaluation is an essential service that Chimney Sweep Clean offered. Chimney inspections vary in many forms, and you need to be aware that not all inspections are the same. We follow inspection procedures that are recommended by the National Fire Protection Association, providing inspection in different levels and categories. The circumstances that give rise to the inspection will identify the inspection level that should be conducted. First level inspection is the most basic inspection level while the second and third level inspections are more comprehensive and more detailed. A first level inspection is done through every chimney sweeping and cleaning.

Inspecting the flue liners properly through a camera scan system is one of the most essential parts of a chimney inspection, which is why it has been included in all of our chimney cleanings and inspections. When the flue liners are damaged, or not installed appropriately, they should be replaced or repaired so as to meet appropriate safety standards. Gaps and cracks in a wood burning stove or fireplace will be able to increase the risk of chimney fires and thus, increasing the chances of spreading the fire to the rest of the home. Avoid this from happening. Contact us today.


Take a full control of your chimney box at home, but leave the job for an expert!
Perhaps your chimney box for wood burner is playing a vital and vast role to your home, so once you happen to encounter a serious problem on it, where it draws your attention to call for a professional service, we can help. For any of your chimney box repairs wood burners in Maryland and Washington DC area, Chimney Sweep Clean will take pride to give a full assistance to address the issue right away, so you can benefit again from its normal and natural function.

» Our Safety Checks

At the time you call us, we will instantly arrive at your area and conduct a primary safety check, which we always do before taking any respective action. It allows us to see how serious the damage is, and how much effort, time and money that both of us are going to spend during the repair process. In every service that we do, we always carry out a safety checking and inspection to save time and money.

» Our Repair Process

Once we have already identified the cause of damage, the damage itself, and the parts that need to be serviced, we will instantly take an effective action to ensure functionality. We do a repair service at your chimney box for wood burner in the following parts:

  • Air tubes
  • Bricks
  • Caps
  • Door seals
  • Glass seals
  • Flues
  • Baffles
  • And many more

Call Chimney Sweep Clean today for your service needs.

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